Monday, July 8, 2019


Washington is a gorgeous state and we had a blast exploring with friends and family.  We visited the Space Needle in Seattle with Ally and Darryl, went hiking and exploring Deception Pass State Park /Rosario Head Beach (also with Ally and Darryl) and we visited our friends, the Miles Family, and enjoyed all that Bellingham has to offer.  Bellingham has one of the best Farmers' Markets in the country so that was a treat to visit!  Bellingham is one of my favorite places so far on this trip...It as a great vibe, lots of cool things to see and do (both indoors and outside in nature)   Here are some of our favorite memories of our time in the great state of Washington!

Iconic Seattle Space Needle 

Art with a purpose

No one was throwing fish that day, but it was still a very cool place to visit!

Enjoyed a delicious dinner with Ally and Darryl

At the top of the Space Needle

Incredible views

It's a long way down!

Darryl showing the boys the city below


Meanwhile, back at home...

The landscape is amazing

Tucked away in the woods

The amazing view from the Miles' back deck!


Kaleb had been wanting to take Aaron to the Rook and Rogue...and we finally made it!

What an AWESOME concept!

One of our favorite places

Best Buds

Bellingham Farmers Market (Picture does not do it justice!)

Rocket delicious!

Some of our farmers market treasures!

Washington waterfalls

Lots to explore, lots of climbing!

Resting after an amazing hike

Dinner with our family!

Lots of hiking!


Ally and Darryl

Selfie in the woods...Aaron and Kaleb were off climbing rocks!

There they are...

Me and Braden

We try to check out all the fish hatcheries...this one was no longer a functioning hatchery


So different from the East Coast

Getting goofy

We worked up an appetite

Time for oysters!

She was the only brave one...

Don't fall...

Can you spot the seal?

Cool virtual reality place in town...

Rook and Rogue ...where you go to spend the evening eating and playing board games - genius!

Aaron stayed at Kaleb's house while we were in Bellingham


Look at those smiles

Another ridiculously cool place to go "play"... 

Old school games, drinks and snacks

This boy will just not stop grinning from ear to ear :-)

Fun times!

We ALL enjoyed ourselves!

Good times!

Touring our first college...Western Washington

The campus was beautiful